Thursday, September 23, 2010

Uncle by Clemence Chinyani

He had a dirty look,
And spoke like Charlie Brown,
He loved her because,
She looked like Nancy Drew,
I don’t know what’s with me and people’s names,
But I love the sound of them anyway,
Forgive me if you are the one,
 I am speaking about my uncle Chino,
Who loved the pretty Sithembi,
Because she was young he said she was tender,
And so befitted the object of his lust,
To sleep with her he wanted just,
To prove his worth to all who watched,
His debacle and conquest,
Mixed in one pot of joy,
That was to bring about his demise,
We thought it was cool,
Lilly thought it was the life,
When they made her his wife,
But she almost used the knife,
To end her miserable existence,
Upon finding out that he cheated.

He repeated the same act to so many damsels,
Pretty little girls with a future promising,
Some were dumb some were brilliant,
Some knew his cunningness, some did not,
Some were urged on by peers some by their mothers,
But they all fell into one dirty trap,
After falling for his dirty look,
When he thought they looked like Nancy Drew.
A smart house he had,
So beautiful and clean,
A fancy car he had, that made heads turn,
And many a sister did not pause to think,
When he asked them for a drive around,
That always ended in his fantasy bed,
Spewing the contents of his filthy heart,
The shameless virgin leaving a trail of red,
Pardon me if I have become too gross,
For what he did with his time was too folly,
And given a chance I would spank him back to life,
So that he sets straight what he did wrong,
And say “I am sorry” to Sithembi,
Natasha, Sihle, Racheal, Lilly, Nicole,
Rumbi, and other damsels,
Whose futures took cruel turns after tasting his tongue,
I am so sorry on his behalf,
And pray that God Almighty sets them right,
In His loving kindness renew their lives,
For now they know,
Once beaten,
Twice shy.
Charlie Brown and Nancy Drew,
Your names were just references.


tinashe said...

it is profound and you got a choice for words. Very great indeed. Thanks for sharing

tinashe said...

great stuff. I love your words they are profound.You are very good with ypur words actually because I remember my uncles exactly. You did describe him. Anyway great stuff thanks for sharing....