Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When Two Are One by Paul Ndimande

Dark was the day I first saw your face,
For the light grew dim in your presence,
The roses were embarrassed to bloom that day,
Because they were ashamed to be outclassed in your elegance.

Quietly and humbly did your actions replicate,
The movements of the highly esteemed royal etiquette,
Like the whispering wind did your voice resound?
And like a sharpened dagger my heart it found.

I bled like a wounded soldier of war,
And still you fastened the hilt a little more,
For you knew that the only way we could ever be forever together,
Is when my spirit and yours are bound in the spiritual ether,
Now that this fatal attraction has begun,
And you my love are my number one,
I swear allegiance to honor you and my God,
For to you my mission is to have and to hold.

So Minenhle    my wings of eternal flight,
Bear me up for soon it will be night,
I’m coming home were we both belong,
In the cradle of love’s heart for it only beats when two are one.       

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