Thursday, September 23, 2010

Marital Please by Herbert Moyo

At first i chose to regard the rumours
As nothing more than benign tumors
Of the kind that is bound to fizzle
Like an early morning summer drizzle
But then people talked
Everywhere I walked-
Those women with huge breasts
And the men with hairy chests
Even the usually quiet relatives
Began to speak in banal superlatives,
Comparatives and all kinds of pejoratives
And so the the stories flowed and flowered
Why not when they were all powered
By the sweet waters from the well of  gossip
It was like everyone in the whole township
Had taken one giant sip
And filled to the deep
It was one hell of a show
Put up by that relentless flow
This long flashback
Puts me on the track
To relieve the past
Nobody ever forgets a cast
With such an all-star feature...

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