Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Are All Poets by Nqobizitha Ncube

A word written is louder than a song sung
For a song echoes in the ear,
Yet a word etched echoes in the heart
frost died, never left I an orphan though,
For everyone around me is a poet

Two lovers under a crimson sun
'Nevers are promised 'evers' are whispered
though Shakespeare is no more,
True poets still roar

Sunrise, sunshine, Sunset, suddenly a silvermoon
Wonder if God is a poet too.

Toddler, bruised and hurt Lo I fear
Mother I just kissed a tear
'all will be fine',
Come fall you'll still be mine', she said
Guess mama too was a poet

We are all poets,
though quill and ink are dry,
Everyday we all scribble a line of two
With those words we say,
Some good, most bad
Little do we know the tales we've authored
The ignorance I deeply loathe

We are all poets
Nothing is new
We've been
We're all just waiting for that perfect inspiration,
Inspiration enough
Him, Her, someone, Something!

Romanced, seduced or raped by a single word,
'hallo', 'sorry', 'thank you', and 'goodbye',
Little do we know, we are all poets
For poetry is contagious, everyone is sick.

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